Mendeley Word Plugin Bibliography Template

For those who are interested, here's information on LaTex and Bibtex compatibility. Sources is MIT's Zotero guide.

What is LaTeX?

LaTeX is a typesetting program that takes a plain text file with various commands in it and converts it to a formatted document based on the commands that it has been given. The source file for the document has a file extension of .tex. It is widely used at MIT for theses and other technical papers due to its prowess with mathematical and foreign characters. For more information on LaTeX, see LaTeX on Athena Basics, provided by the Athena On-Line Help system.

What is BibTeX?

BibTex is a bibliographic tool that is used with LaTeX to help organize the user's references and create a bibliography. A BibTeX user creates a bibliography file, wth a file extension of .bib, that is separate from the LaTeX source file. Each reference in the bibliography file is formatted with a certain structure and is given a "key" by which the author can refer to it in the source file. For more information on BibTeX, see MIT IS&T's page: How do I Create Bibliographies in LaTeX.

  • Zotero at MIT: Zotero with LaTeX and BibTeX

    This guide provides instructions to export all of the references in a certain citation library to BibTeX. It was written with Zotero in mind, but both Mendeley and Zotero export libraries the same way using BibTex files, Mendeley users can follow these instructions, too.

  • How compatible is Mendeley with LaTeX?

    Latex - Mendeley question and response from Mendeley Support:
    How compatible is Mendeley with LaTeX? I am considering using Latex to help version control my thesis and I would like to use Mendeley hand-in-hand with that. Could someone advise me? I have found a few questions relating to LaTeX in the archive - but have yet to be convinced whether Mendeley supports it or not!

    Mendeley Agent
    Mendeley can create a bibTeX file through Tools —> Options —> BibTeX syncing which can be used with LaTeX, I hope this helps!

Prior to inserting citations, check for duplicate references in your library (see 'Removing Duplicates' for instructions).

Open your Word document.  Place your cursor where you would like to insert the citation. 

  • Windows: Select the References tab, then choose Insert Citation from the Mendeley Cite-O-Matic panel.
  • Mac: Select the scroll icon, then Mendeley > Insert or Edit Citation.  Alternatively, select View > Toolbars > Mendeley Toolbar.  The floating Mendeley tool bar will appear; select Insert or Edit Citation from this toolbar.

Insert citation in Microsoft Word for Windows

In the box that appears, enter text (author's last name, year, title, keyword, etc.) to search for references in your library.  Select a reference, then either search for additional references or click OK.

You can also search for references from within your Mendeley library by clicking Go to Mendeley.  In Mendeley Desktop, highlight the references that you wish to insert.  To highlight multiple references, hold down the Ctrl or Command keys while you click on references.

Once you have selected your references, click the Cite button  (Windows)   (Mac) in the toolbar along the top.  The selected references will be inserted into your document.

Mendeley citation editor

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