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North corporation plays with kids’ future, builds parking lot on school playground 2018-03-10T20:34:56.021Z

NEW DELHI: When hundreds of students of the municipal primary school in Shalimar Bagh return to their revamped institution later this year, their huge playground would no longer be there. In what seems a blatant violation of a Delhi high court order, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation has decided to appropriate the field to erect a multi-level parking lot. This is the second such foray of the civic body in recent times. What's more, it is ready to consider more projects of the sort if it finds slots in other schools. In terms of infrastructure, the primary school in Shalimar Bagh’s AC Block did not have much, save for 10 dilapidated rooms. But it had a big asset: a 5,755-square metre playground with swings and slides. “When the rebuilding of the school began three months ago, we were assured that a play area would be earmarked on the plot, but this news of a parking complex is saddening,” a teacher said. On February 28, the standing committee of the corporation passed a proposal that says: “The school will be reconstructed on a portion measuring 2,955sqm, while 2,800sqm will be used to build a multi-level parking lot." The parents of over 370 students, aged 5 to 10 years, are worried about the safety of their children. Would the politicians take over playgrounds if their children were studying in those schools, remonstrated Deepali Singh, one anxious parent. Vikram Sihl, a Class V student, said the playground was their biggest joy in school. “We used it for PT, games and for all activities. Even private schools don’t have such a nice playground,” he said. Fellow student Suraj Kumar agreed. “We did not have to go the playground across the road. Where will our swings and slides go?” he wondered. Unlike the youngsters, the teachers held back their comments for fear of a backlash, though their faces betrayed their dismay. One of them, who asked not to be named, rued, “The parking lot will mean noise, pollution and compromised security and the new building will be cramped. Till now, our school had one of the best gardens and a big field. People called it a mini Santiniketan.” Tilak Raj Kataria, chairman of the standing committee, initially argued that the plot did not belong to the school and was only being used as a playground because it was lying vacant. It was then pointed out that the proposal cleared by his committee admitted that the parking would be built on the school “premises” and also that the Shalimar Bagh layout plan marks the site as “P.S.”, for primary school. Kataria then agreed that land use had been changed. “All necessary clearances have been taken and the safety of school kids will not be compromised because the entrance to the parking will be cordoned off,” he added. The takeover of school land did not receive any opposition in the standing committee meeting, and sources said the corporation is scouting schools with extra land for similar annexations, despite the decision openly flouting the 2004 Delhi high court directive disallowing use of school land for any non-educational purpose. Supreme Court lawyer and education activist Khagesh Jha, however, contended that the project wasn’t legally tenable. “The courts have even shut down dispensaries that were started on school premises,” he said. As for the land being redundant, Jha said indignantly, “Any extra land can be used to build school infrastructure to accommodate the over 20 lakh kids currently outside the school system as well as children from unrecognised schools.”

Choithram School North Campus bags the British Council INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD (2017-2020)

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD (2017-2020) An International credential has been added in the success saga of the school, as the school bags the prestigious.

It was a year long process which included events and activities that not only provided the students a wider horizon to think on global matters, but have also enhanced the student’s knowledge about various countries.

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Choithram School North Campus Ranked Second Best School in City & State

Recognition for excellence holds a special and significant meaning for the management, staff, parents and students of any school.

It was a moment of honour and pride for the management and staff when the school received the award for being ranked 2nd best school for the year 2016 in the city as well as in the state and 87th in the country, from the Education World, Indian School Ranking 2016.

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Mission of the School

The Mission of this school is to prepare children to become self reliant, productive individuals with clarity, precision and independence and also to empower all the students with the qualities of punctuality, humbleness, problem solving, modern technology, effective communicators

and lifelong learners in a rapidly changing global community by providing challenging experiences in a safe, caring, supportive and co-operative environment. We aim to prepare them to be successful, emotional, sensitive and above all satisfied, happy and well-equipped to face the highly competitive and challenging future global challenges.

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Meet Our Educators !

Education is the process of facilitating learning,

or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators,

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