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A former élite member of the SAS, Ben is tortured by a tragedy from his past and now devotes his life to finding kidnapped children.

When Ben is recruited to locate an ancient manuscript which could save a dying child, he embarks on the deadliest quest of his life.

The document is alleged to contain the formula for the elixir of life, discovered by the brilliant alchemist Fulcanelli decades before. But it soon becomes apparent that others are hunting this most precious of treasures - for far more evil ends.

When the secrets of alchemy hidden within the pages remain impenetrable, Ben teams up with beautiful American scientist Dr Roberta Ryder to crack the code.

It seems that everyone - from the Nazis during WW2 and powerful Catholic organisation Gladius Domini - wants to unearth the secrets of immortality.

The trail leads Ben and Roberta from Paris to the ancient Cathar strongholds of the Languedoc, where an astonishing secret has lain hidden for centuries...

BEN HOPE is one of the most celebrated action adventure heroes ever and SCOTT MARIANI is one of the most successful home grown thriller writers of all time. Join the MILLIONS of readers who get breathless with anticipation when the countdown to the new Ben Hope thriller begins ...

Ben Hope is a fictional character created by British author Scott Mariani who is featured in a series of thriller novels. Forced to quit the army, Ben Hope now uses his elite skills to save children who are kidnapping victims.

The Ben Hope series began in 2007 with The Alchemist’s Secret. Below is a list of Scott G. Mariani’s Ben Hope books in order of when they were originally released (as well as in chronological order):

Publication Order of Ben Hope Books

Publication Order of Ben Hope Short Stories

Chronological Order of Ben Hope Books

Notes:The Alchemist’s Secret was also published as The Fulcanelli Manuscript. The Doomsday Prophecy is alternately titled The Hope Vendetta.

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