How Do You Say Cover Letter In Spanish

Doing a job or internship in Spain is a great way to practice your Spanish in a real Spanish-speaking environment. Your CV (curriculum) and cover letter (carta de presentación) are key to helping you get the job that you want, so here are a few tips on how to put them together and some vocab that you might find useful:

The first section of your CV should be Datos Personales (Personal Information). It’s best to include:

  • Nombre Name
  • Dirección Address
  • Teléfono Telephone
  • Email Email address
  • Fecha y lugar de Nacimiento Date and place of Birth
  • Nacionalidad Nationality

You could also include whether you have a carne de conducir (driver’s licence) and your estado civil (marital status).

It is also common in Spain to include a professional looking passport photo on your CV.

The next section is Formación Académica (Education). Write the qualification you received, the institution, the city and country, as well as the dates when you were studying there.

Afterwards you can also add a section on Formación Complementaria (Complementary training) for other qualifications you may have, although don’t include computer skills or languages as these will come later.

Next is Experiencia Profesional (Work Experience). List the dates, the job you did, the company and the location.

In the Informática (IT skills) section state what you can use and how competent you are.

Similarly, under the heading Idiomas (Languages) you can state each language that you know and your level, i.e. básico (basic), intermedio (intermediate) or avanzado (advanced). It’s also worth putting your lengua materna (mother tongue).

The final section is Otros Datos de Interés (Additional Information), where you can put down anything you think is interesting to the employer but doesn’t fit into any other category. Don’t write too much though, as the whole CV should ideally fit onto one A4 page.

For more tips on writing a CV in Spanish and how to lay out the page, see the don Quijote web page.

An important accompaniment to the CV is the cover letter (carta de presentación).

Start your letter with Estimados Señores, remembering to put the date and your address at the top of the letter. There are also otehr options for starting a letter, depending on how formal you want to be.

You should start by stating exactly which post you are applying for and how you found out about it in the first paragraph.

Next move on to explaining why you would like to work for the company or organisation and what assets and skills you think you have that would make you good at the job.

Express interest in having an interview or further contact with the employer and state your availability for work.

There are various ways to end a letter in Spanish, but a good one to use is Les Saluda atentamente, on a separate line, then sign and print your name underneath.

For more ideas for your cover letter and some great vocab on how to sell yourself, see the don Quijote web page.

Buena suerte!

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La carta debe indicar claramente [...]
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In yourcover letter,indicate why [...]
you are interested in the internship, when you would be available to start, and how long you would like to intern.
En su carta de presentación indique [...]
por qué está interesado/a en las prácticas, cuándo estará disponible para empezar y
cuánto tiempo le gustaría estar de pasante.
[...] not exceed two pages DIN A4, including a recent photograph. Remember to attachacover letter.
Recomendamos que la extensión del CV (con fotografia reciente) no supere dos páginas DIN A4.
The Applications and Résumés category is devoted to common phrases and expressions found
in application documents, such
[...] as CV, referenceletterandcover letter.Use the phrase [...]
dictionary to write your résumé
letter and other application documents.
La categoría de solicitudes y currículos está dedicada a las frases y expresiones más comunes así como a las
expresiones encontradas en los documentos de solicitud de empleo,
[...] como el CV, la carta de referencia y la carta de presentación.
Each intern candidate must
[...] indicate in thecover letterwhich one of the [...]
three training tracks they wish to apply for.
Cada candidato para la pasantía
[...] debe indicar en la carta de presentación en [...]
cuál de los tres cursos de capacitación desea inscribirse.
[...] please send CV andcover letterto info [at]
Si usted está interesado, por favor
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Cover letter-this is the [...]
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Carta adjunta - esta sirve [...]
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If this is the first time that your organization is providing
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NGO does and when it was created,
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Si es la primera vez que la ONG envía información al órgano
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[...] aconsejable adjuntar una carta introductoria explicando [...]
lo que hace la ONG y cuándo fue creada,
para dejar constancia de su credibilidad.
[...] application and clearly note in yourcover letterwhich positions you are interested in.
[...] indique en su escrito claramente los puestos de trabajo que le interesan.
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If the individual prefers to be surveyed by mail, then
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[...] can also mailacover letterand a recent CV [...]
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