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Everyday nearly each of us suffers from conflicts at home, at work, or at any other place. It is really not very difficult to get into such a situation and stop being friends even with the most beloved people. Just one rude word is sometimes enough to make a nervous situation worse. It became harder and harder to keep mouth shut, the mutual complaints start getting larger and larger like a snowball and soon it becomes evident that a newly conflict will never be solved.

I am not a conflict person and I tried to control my emotions as I was taught by my professor of Psychology. Unfortunately, some provocative situations make me go mad from time to time and the dirty words escape my lips. Oh, I feel so miserably after such incidents! It is too difficult for me to beg pardon even when I am really wrong and that’s why I try not to bring the situation to the boiling point.

Thought Thrives on Conflict

I knew about conflict theory, which was proposed by Karl Marx. I got acquainted with it while working at my conflict theory essay. According to it, there was nothing strange in the occurrence of conflicts. I was surprised when I got know that conflicts considered to be the engine for social changes. It sounded a bit absurd, though when I got deeper into this problem, I stopped being so categorical. There was a rational kernel in this theory, though I don’t want to trouble you with the details. If you have a desire to know more about conflict theory and its origin, here is the link for you.

I started looking at the conflicts a bit easier. The greatest minds of the world convinced us that it was normal to get into conflicts from time to time and that’s why I started thinking that there was no ground to worry over the quarrels at all.

The world is full of various conflicts and, unfortunately, they are more than just impossibility to determine whose turn is to clean a carpet or something like this. Misunderstanding may lead to the armed conflicts, which result in wars, and they are really terrible! Frankly speaking, I don’t know how to find any rational kernel in the war and I told about this in my Arab-Israeli conflict essay. Brrr, I don’t want to talk about the wars at all.

5 Tips How to Avoid a Conflict

What are the conflict situations, which happen to you now or happened some years ago? Which one do you remember more than the others? Did you have a habit to smoke but your parents forbade you to do this and scolded you each time when they caught you with a cigarette? Or, maybe, you have some inner conflicts, which make your life awful, don’t you?

If you want to know whether it is possible to avoid a conflict situation or not, you may be sure: there is nothing difficult in this if you know the main rules of behavior in a situation, which may be turned into a battleground.

If you feel that a conversation with your partner will soon get out of your control, follow several plain recommendations, which are able to make you avoid the awful consequences.

  1. Think twice and count up to 20 before to let yourself say any rude or offensive word. When you calm down a bit, you will understand that your provocative comments are absolutely unnecessary.
  2. Try to forget about your angry mood, separate yourself from all the negative emotions, and try to be logical. Maybe your partner is right.
  3. Put yourself in your potential opponent’s shoes. If you try to think like him, you may understand the reason of his discontent.
  4. You are a team! Don’t forget about this and stop insisting on your rightness.
  5. Ask your opponent about his opinion. Don’t think instead of your partner and don’t ascribe your thoughts to him. Let him give his own opinion.

Nobody says that it is very easy to avoid a conflict. The offences inside us ache all the time and make us suffer from a psychic pain, which is usually more terrible than a physical one. Try to understand that if you share your feelings in a rude way, the problem won’t be solved. It will become deeper and your partner will go into his shell. Make love, not war!

To Those, Who Needs a Conflict Essay

First, a student may think that he needs to apply no forces to create a conflict essay: who of us didn’t meet with the conflict situations? Just remember one of them and describe it then.

Despite the fact that conflict is one of the most widespread phenomena, which happens to everybody without exception, it is not so easy to choose what to write about. The choice is really large: family, religious, international, armed conflicts. Unfortunately, this list is measureless.

Children always have conflicts with their parents, teachers, and none of us is able to boast of his smooth relationship with people. The nature of any human being is contradictive and this is a weighty argument, which can explain the everyday conflicts. Unfortunately, very often they burst out of nothing.

The world and its history is full of international conflicts and if you don’t want to wash your dirty linen in public and mention about your own conflicts in your essay, you are free to choose any conflict situation between races, nations, or even countries. Why don’t you like to tell about a conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians in your Israeli-Palestinian conflict essay? I think it will be a good choice for you.

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An American Perspective on the War of 1812

by Donald Hickey
The War of 1812 is probably our most obscure conflict.  Although a great deal has been written about the war, the average American is only vaguely aware of why we fought or who the enemy was.  Even those who know something about the contest are likely to remember only a few dramatic moments, such as the writing of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the burning of the nation’s capital, or the Battle of New Orleans.


A British Perspective

by Andrew Lambert  
The War of 1812 has been referred to as a victorious “Second War for Independence,” and used to define Canadian identity, but the British only remember 1812 as the year Napoleon marched to Moscow. This is not surprising. In British eyes, the conflict with America was an annoying sideshow. The Americans had stabbed them in the back while they, the British, were busy fighting a total war against the French Empire, directed by their most inveterate enemy. For a nation fighting Napoleon Bonaparte, James Madison was an annoying irrelevance. Consequently the American war would be fought with whatever money, manpower and naval force that could be spared, no more than seven percent of the total British military effort. 


A Canadian Perspective on the War of 1812

by Victor Suthren
When the American declaration of war fell upon the disparate colonies of British North America, it produced reactions as different as the character of each colony.  But the people of the Canadian colonies were united in the belief that this was an unwanted war, governed more by the distant preoccupations of London or Washington than the needs and wishes of the King’s subjects in North America.


A Native Nations Perspective on the War of 1812

by Donald Fixico
The War of 1812 was an important conflict with broad and lasting consequences, particularly for the native inhabitants of North America.  During the pivotal years before the war, the United States wanted to expand its territories, a desire that fueled the invasion of native homelands throughout the interior of the continent.  [Miller, p.47] Tribal nations of the lower Great Lakes, including the Shawnee, Potawatomi, Ojibwa, and others saw their lands at risk.  The same was true for the Muscogee Creek, Seminole, Choctaw, Cherokee and Chickasaw in the south.


Black Sailors and Soldiers in the War of 1812

In 1813 Charles Ball, an escaped slave and self-declared “free man of color,” had a choice.  He could row out to the British fleet, moored in the Chesapeake Bay, and offer his services to the King --  or he could volunteer for the fledgling American navy and defend his country.  Ball, whose dramatic bid for freedom is chronicled in The Life of Charles Ball, A Black Man, chose the latter  and he was not alone. 


Military Medicine in the War of 1812

There is hardly on the face of the earth a less enviable situation than that of an Army Surgeon after a battle – worn out and fatigued in body and mind, surrounded by suffering, pain, and misery, much of which he knows it is not in his power to heal…. I never underwent such fatigue as I did the first week at Butler's Barracks.  The weather was intensely hot, the flies in myriads, and lighting on the wounds, deposited their eggs, so that maggots were bred in a few hours.

Tiger Dunlop, British surgeon to the 89th (The Pricess Victoria’s) Regiment of Foot, War of 1812.


Naval Battleships in the War of 1812

When the United States declared war on Great Britain in June 1812, the U.S. Navy was an eighteen-year-old institution with barely a dozen ships to its name. The British Royal Navy, by contrast, had been operating for centuries, and could boast over five hundred active warships.  Eighty-five of these ships were sailing American waters at the time war broke out.


Prisoners of War in 1812

Military captives in the War of 1812 posed a particular problem for both sides.  Neither the British nor the Americans could maintain large prisons – they lacked the military facilities and the manpower to hold soldiers for long periods of time.  And, in a war that stretched along half of North America, prisoners posed a logistical nightmare – prisoners taken in battle were often hundreds of miles away from the nearest military garrison.

The British often paroled captured militiamen and army officers, releasing them after they’d made a pledge to stay out of the war for the duration.


Personal Journals from the War of 1812

For some of the participants in the War of 1812 the conflict was the defining moment of their lives, and they were well aware of it.  A number of young soldiers penned brief diaries and journals that show how the war began for them as an adventure, but ended in many cases with injury, imprisonment and grief. For women, too, the war was a trial, a test of their fortitude and resourcefulness, but it was also a window onto a wider world.  Their journals in turn have become our window onto a war that took place two centuries ago.


The Treaty of Ghent

James Madison had an opportunity to end the War of 1812 almost as soon as it began. The British had repealed the Orders in Council – rules that curbed American trade with Europe – and thus one of Madison’s major reasons for war was now moot.  If the British had foregone the right to impress American sailors, Madison could well have gone back to Congress with the suggestion that hostilities cease immediately.  However, the British considered impressment their right by custom, and believed it essential to their naval might. And so James Madison took his country to war.


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