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up by the United Nations to investigate whether or not global warming is a reality, and to assess what its likely impact might be. The study was by far the most complete investigation ever undertaken into the Earth’s climate. The research lasted over three years in total, and was based on millions of measurements taken from locations all over the planet. The researchers measured rainfall and average temperatures on every continent, including Antarctica, in every type of landscape and at every altitude. They entered their data into sophisticated computer programs, which analysed the figures and produced projections for the future. The conclusions do not look good for the planet. Within two generations, they say, if nothing is done to check what seems to be an unstoppable rise in the Earth’s temperatures, the consequences will be devastating for life as we know it. Across the continent of Africa, they predict, deserts will continue to spread and there will be less



Begin franchise effort by end of Fiscal 2010.

1.2 Mission

In this day in age, computers have too many different uses for consumers to purchase computersintended for a general market.Technology changes rapidly, and so do the prices. Often consumers end up paying too much for acomputereither due to lack of knowledge or lack of options. Most computers available off the shelf todayhave more features than some would ever use, especially the elderly. With an all custom PC store, aperson with little or no knowledge in computers can purchase a totally new and reliable computerpersonally suited just for them and spend the least amount of money possible. This method of computershopping would offer the advantages of a shelf bought computer, such as warranties, quality, andreliability. And with a more personal than ever customer relationship and premium customer service,customers know they will have a reliable support service to go to if they have a problems or questionsabout their product. No more calling a technical support hotline or sending computers back to themanufacturer.Custom PCs® is a one-stop shop for virtually any computer shopper. The store dedicates its efforts andresources toward ensuring top-notch customer satisfaction while meeting the needs and budgets of everyshopper, from old folks to gamers.

1.3 Company Summary

Custom PCs® will be located in Lakeland, FL. The store will apply 8 key principles that will define thebusiness and its services:

High Quality Custom Built Computers

World Class Customer Service and Support

Up To Date Technology, Parts, and Equipment

Skilled, Competent, and Friendly Staff 

Full Range of Peripherals, Games, and Services for Gaming Customers

Patience, Understanding, and Guidance for the Less Computer Literate Shopper

In-Store, Same Day Repair Warranties on All Custom PCs® Machines

A Relaxed, Friendly Atmosphere and A Pleasant Shopping Experience

1.4 Company Ownership

Custom PCs® is a privately held proprietorship owned by its founder, Jack Gray. The company intends toeventually expand into a franchise, when it will re-register as a limited liability company.

1.5 Location

Custom PCs® will focus on one major shopping center: ‘Lakeside Village,’ which is a dynamic lifestylecomplex located in Lakeland’s upscale Grassland area, and offers a total of 610,000 square feet of mixed-use space. The outdoor mall also includes a movie theater, hotel, restaurants, and second-floorcommercial office space.

1.6 Financial Overview

Initial working capital requirements will be $50,000, which will consist of owner’s capital and a businessline of credit from a financial institution.

1.7 Effective Date of Business

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