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Unemployed (formerly, along with being a housekeeper)
Several jobs (seen in some episodes once)

Fur color

Sky blue
Gray (belly)
Black (top of head)


The cockroaches (usually, mainly Joey)
Jack (sometimes)

Latest appearance


Oggy is the main protagonist and one of the titular characters of the series.


Oggy is a diplomatic, sometimes lazy and an easy-natured cat who is the constant victim of the cockroaches. Of all of his life, he spends his life chasing and catching the cockroaches, but somehow developed a certain love/hate relationship with them and has also learnt that without the cockroaches, his life would be very boring.

He also displays a love for gardening and eating food. Oggy seems to have a calm-demeanor but when provoked by the cockroaches or someone else, he would go and attack them. He sometimes cross-dresses, because in one episode, the cockroaches steal his laundry bag and leaving trail of clothes and when he picks the clothes, he became embarrassed because there is a brassiere visible among the boxers and socks.


Oggy has a blue overweight body, a red jellybean-like nose which is removable, a pink tongue, a grey tummy with a squiggly belly-button, whiskers on three yellow circles, black pointy ears, and white feet.


  • In several episodes, Oggy has been shown to have four prime phobias: hydrophobia, murophobia, acrophobia and aviophobia.
  • He can get fooled easily by the cockroaches.






Jack is Oggy's cousin. Oggy and Jack almost act like life partners to each other. Jack almost always decides to help Oggy when he is in trouble, whether it be the Cockroaches, getting launched to space or getting trapped in the internet. However their relationship isn't perfect. At times, Jack will act more villainous and overall insane, this will always lead to Oggy trying to stop him from going any further.


The new girl next door neighbor. He falls in love with Olivia. in the episode "Olivia", he saved Olivia's life, making Jack and Bob jealous of him. She is a white cat. He is mostly nervous when he is with her, while Olivia doesn't feel nervous about the two liking each other and have feelings for each other. But, after a few episodes in Season 4, he doesn't seem to feel as nervous as before. In "Oggy is Getting Married", both Oggy and Olivia are married together. In almost every episode where they appear together, she kisses him on the cheek. Occasionally, they end up kissing each other on the lips.


Oggy holds an intense grudge against Dee Dee, Marky, and Joey, which goes back to even when he was a baby (revealed in the episode "It's a Small World"). He loses and falls victim to the cockroaches in many episodes, but in some other episodes he reigns victorious as he defeats them. Occasionally, however, Oggy is forced to work together with the cockroaches, especially when Jack is played out as the antagonist, like in the episodes "The Dictator" and "Life's A Beach". Oggy will sometimes have sympathy towards the Cockroaches. In "Oggy and the Babies" he pleads to Jack to spare their lives and in "Lost in Space" he decides to rescue the Cockroaches from suffocating in space despite being a constant nuisance to him.

Joey (specifically)

Oggy and Joey are usually enemies. Oggy seems to target Joey much more often than Dee Dee and Marky mainly due to him knowing that Joey is the most cunning and hardest Cockroach to stop. At times however, they form a villainous friendship when they both end up in trouble. Episodes like "Mission to Earth", "Virtual Voyage" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth" show them having to work together to save each other. In "Ugly, Dirty and Good" when Joey regresses back into a child, Oggy takes him under his care and is genuinely distraught when they go back to being enemies after finally he recovers. Glimmers of their positive relationship still stands however, in "For Real!" they hug after turning back into their real selves and in "Inspector Dee Dee", he is more than happy to give back Oggy's swatter after it was stolen by an octopus. Oggy and Joey's relationship is the most prominentley shown aswell as the most positive one out of the 3 Cockroaches.


The next door neighbor with anger management issues. He is an enemy of Oggy in many episodes. Everytime Oggy destroys something that Bob owns he is almost always gets beaten/punched/kicked by Bob. However, on occasion, Bob will treat Oggy more like a friend. In "To Serve and Protect" Bob acts more friendly and even has respect to Oggy once he thinks that he'd make a good police officer. In "Steamed Out!" Bob actively wants to hang out with Oggy and Jack and tries to help them lose weight.


Monica is the twin sister of Oggy. They have a relatively nice relationship.


The former love interest who only appeared in two episodes (Jealousy and The Joker Joked). She and Oggy used to date, however in "Jealousy" she falls in love with Marky, this causes Oggy to become jealous and eventually kicks her out of his house after cheating on him.

Various Forms

Many episodes will have Oggy being transformed such as:

  • Deformed Oggy: Seen in (almost) every episode. Every time Oggy is injured in some unusual way, his body (or a specific part of it) will likely be deformed in some comical way to emphasis the amount of pain he undured.
  • Ripped Oggy: When Oggy has his fur remove in some episodes especially When his lower extremities fur was removed by the Cockroaches.
  • Small-sized Oggy: Seen in It's a Small World and Inside Out. In It's a Small World Oggy jumps into a photo copier and proceeds to shrink himself by a flip animation of paper and then jumps out. In Inside Out, the Cockroaches use a magical size altering telescope to shrink Oggy.
  • Paper Oggy: Seen in It's a Small World and Paper Chase. In It's a Small World, Oggy jumps inside his photo copier forming smaller paper versions of himself, he then jumps off the paper, effectively shrinking himself. Paper Oggy plays a major role in Paper Chase. Where he is forcibly trapped inside a piece of paper, but this time, he is unable to get out.
  • Cockroach Oggy: Seen in Metamorphosis. Oggy swallows a spiked candy, causing him to become a cat-sized cockroach.
  • Werewolf Oggy: Implied in Metamorphosis. At the end of the episode, Oggy yet again, eats another spiked candy however the ending implies that he eventually transforms into a werewolf.
  • Black Paint Oggy: Seen in Wrong Side of the Bed. Oggy accidentally showers himself in black paint, turning himself into a black cat. While seems harmless at first, the mere presence of a black cat eventually causes the Cockroaches to be inflicted with bad luck.
  • Roller Coaster Oggy: Seen in One Track Life. After being knocked out by the Cockroaches, they nail his body into the ground, paralyzing him, while they turn the rest of his body into a roller coaster ride.
  • Pickle Oggy: Seen in Space Roaches. The titular aliens shapeshift Oggy into a large pickle, but with his arms and legs still intact.
  • Female-Legs Oggy: Seen in Space Roaches. The aliens shapeshift Oggy again into having very feminine legs.
  • Dissassembled Oggy: Seen in Space Roaches. The aliens remove all of Oggy's body parts, but are still able to move around.
  • Watering Can Oggy: Seen in Space Roaches. Joey shoots Oggy with the alien's ray gun, turning him into a blue watering can.
  • Super-Strengthed Oggy: Seen in Oggy vs. Super Roach. Oggy is struck by lightning, while it doesn't change his appearance in anyway he is able to lift up his entire house.
  • Clay Doll Oggy: See: All Out of Shape.
  • Hypnotized Oggy: Seen in Hip Hip Hip Hypnoses. Marky hypnotizes Oggy, causing him to do whatever he says.
  • Angel Oggy: Seen in That's the Last Straw! and Soldier for a Day. In both episodes, Oggy is seen turning into an angel, depicting him with angels wings, a toga and a harp.
  • Ashy Oggy: Seen in Paper Chase. After multiple small paper copies of Oggy are all burnt by the sun, the remaining ashes reform into a normal-sized Oggy albiet very weak and completely blackened.
  • Phased Oggy: Seen in Walls Have Ears. After being struck by lightning, Oggy gains the ability to pass through anything at will.
  • Squiggly Oggy: Seen in Face Off. After a facial surgery gone wrong, Oggy's face turns into a much more cruder and sloppier version of his own face.
  • Beheaded Oggy: Seen in Face Off. After another facial surgery gone wrong, Oggy's entire face is completely erased from his body.
  • Human Head Oggy: Seen in Face Off. For the 3rd, time Oggy's facial surgery goes wrong. This time it gives him a photo-realistic face of a human which attracts all the nurses in the hospital.
  • Noodled Oggy: Seen in Face Off. Oggy's face falls into a shredder, turning his whole head into noodle like appendages.
  • Big-Teeth Oggy: Seen in A Tooth for a Tooth. The Cockroaches place an oversized set of teeth into his mouth.
  • Colorless Oggy: In Black and White, Oggy is trying a new, super-strong detergent. The cockroaches decide to fill the washing machine with a large amount of the detergent. This causes the washing machine to cover Oggy's house with pink foam. When a rain cloud washes it off, the house, the garden and the occupants all lose their color, this makes Oggy extremely depressed.
  • Mutated Oggy: Seen in Night Watchmen. Oggyt falls into radioactive waste, causing all sorts of body horror to happen.
  • Mushed Oggy: Seen in First Flight. Oggy falls through the holes of the airplane, turning him into mushed up pieces of his own body.
  • Smurf Oggy: Seen in First Flight. While still being Mushed Oggy, he briefly turns into a Smurf.
  • Horse Oggy: Seen in Horse Ride. jack turns Oggy's head into a horse-like being.
  • Realistic Oggy: Seen in For Real!, after Joey throws Oggy's MP3 player into an electric bar, they get electrocuted and then Oggy, along with Joey turn into a real cat and real cockroach.
  • Invisible Oggy: Seen in Now You See Me, Now You Don't!. Thanks to one of the Cockroaches pranks, Oggy turns completely invisibe. This completely backfires on them when Oggy uses his new powers to harass them.
  • Magic Smile Oggy: Seen in Oggy and the Magic Smile. After putting on the said Magic Smile, Oggy turns into a muscular and handsome version of himself.
  • Cardboard Smile Oggy: Seen in Oggy and the Magic Smile. Oggy tries to dupe the Cockroaches into thinking that he has the magic smile again by using a fake cardboard version. However when he puts it on, he suddenly gets fatter.

Total Amount of Victories/Losses

Overall Amount of Victories 169
Overall Amount of Losses 110
Season One Victories 44
Season One Losses 34
Season Two Victories 37
Season Two Losses 41
Season Three Victories 17
Season Three Losses 22
Season Four Victories 60
Season Four Losses 13
Season Five Victories (so far) 11
Season Five Losses (so far) 2

Official Descriptions


Oggy is constantly victim to the roaches and through them, also prey to Bob the dog. As for Jack's "save the day" strategies, they generally turn against Oggy. Oggy is a clean freak and his house has to be spick and span. Roaches in his clean, neat home are the signs of a life's failure. These horrible, filthy, little vermin are always making him go against his nature, which is relaxed, lazy. All he wants to do is watch his pathetic TV shows, sprawled in his pink bean bag chair...

Cartoon Network

Oggy is a big blue easy-going Tom… well, that's how he'd describe himself. A sensitive cat with a kind heart: a "good guy". Only one thing this cat is after: a quiet snooze, curled up on his pink cushion in front of his favourite mind-numbing TV programs. He adores game shows, fantasising about the day he'll win a self-cleaning oven, or 12 gear vacuum cleaner on "The Wheel of Fortune"… Oggy, an Ideal Home fan, is a natty housekeeper.

Disney Channel Asia

Protagonist of the show. He usually spends his time either watching TV or doing housework - when not chasing roaches. Despite the constant mayhem caused by the cockroaches, Oggy has developed a sort of love-hate relationship with them. Without the cockroaches, nothing fun or interesting ever happens in his life.


Oggy is a lazy cat who loves the simple life, but with three prankster cockroaches as roommates, his life is anything but simple. When he’s not cleaning up after Joey, Marky and Dee Dee, Oggy can usually be found crushing on his neighbor, Olivia!


  • As confirmed by Marc du Pontavice, Oggy is named after punk rock musician Iggy Pop[1] (who also did the Space Goofs theme song, "Monster Men") and the rock album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars[2][3].
  • Oggy is the only character to appear in every episode.
  • Oggy is afraid of needle shots, as seen in many episodes such as Hide and Sick.
  • Oggy has a removable nose. It makes a squeaky sound when pressed.
  • Oggy is impossible to hurt if he's in love. This is a reference to Tom and Jerry, where when Tom is in love, he doesn't feel any pain.
  • His phone number is revealed to be 3333-6666.
  • He is based off of Tom from Tom and Jerry.
  • Whenever Oggy cries, it usually sounds like a baby crying.
    • In Season 4 onwards, his cries have been lowered and deepened up..
  • The car Oggy drives is an orange Volkswagen Beetle as seen as A Jealous Guy. His neighbor, Bob, also owns a similar Volkswagen Beetle with the same color.
  • The only coherent word Oggy has ever said is "wow".
  • Out of all the characters, Oggy is the most abused and consistently injured character of the show's run.
  • Despite being the most abused character in the show, Oggy has the most victories so far in the series having won in 169 episodes so far, mainly due to his win count being significantly increased in Season 4. He continues this trend in Season 5, though to a lesser extent.


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Wikimedia supports trying to narrow the gap. Since a survey in 2011 revealed that Wikipedia was largely written by men under 40, it set targets for greater participation of women (and of people from the southern hemisphere). “We want the best content,” says John Andersson from Wikimedia Sweden. “By bringing in a more diverse group of people, particularly women, this leads to a better set of articles.” But the goal is not gender parity across biographies. “If there is a bias towards men, coming from history books, Wikipedia merely reflects this.”

No matter how hard the volunteers have been typing away, the edit-a-thons are a drop in the ocean of the roughly 40m edits made on Wikipedia each month. They also do not tackle the deeper question of what is stopping women from creating more content online. “Getting more women to understand that Wikipedia is a site that they can edit without needing to create an account would be one step forward,” says Eszter Hargittai of Zurich University. If in every big city around the world one woman becomes a weekly contributor, this could have an effect, says Mr Andersson. This may well be so—though you cannot assume that all women want to write about women.

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