Pt2540 Unit 8 Assignment 1

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Answer Review Questions 6 – 10: Pg 213 6. What is an infinite loop? Write the code for an infinite loop. An infinite loop is a sequence of instructions in a computer program which loops without ending. Set A = 1 While A < = 10 Display A End While 7. A For loop looks like what other loop in a flowchart? Looks like a while loop. 8. Why is it critical that accumulator variables are properly initialized? An accumulator is used to keep a running total of numbers. In a loop, a value is added to the current value of the accumulator. If it is not properly initialized, it will not contain the correct total. 9. What is the advantage of using a sentinel? When a program reads sa sentinel value, it knows it has reached the end of the list so the loop will stop. 10. Why must the value chosen for use as a sentinel be carefully selected? So it can’t be mistaken as a regular value in the list. Workbench Review Questions 3 ,4, 9 ,10 :Pg 213

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