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Sometimes I really do impress myself with my ability be amazed by life...It seems like some things have never happened to me or I am an alien from some other distant planet. “Human beings” surprise me, make me cry, make me laugh and make me happy.  That Saturday morning, my “alien being” went out the house in desperate search of deserted paths, beautiful trees, the smell of grass, the sounds of the sleepy city and something that would make me smile. Autumn was already in the air and I was thinking about how cruel was the world and how impossible was to be happy in it. It is not that I was broken hearted by I thought that my patience has come to its end. I looked at the blue sky and set at a bench. I was sitting there and thinking about how I want to be another person. Eventually, I realized that my main problem was that I felt that I could not overcome all the “love” obstacles that life made me face. I recalled everything I have read in books about love as well as everything that I have experienced myself.  In the books everything seemed to be much smoother and easier. My main thought was “how people can possibly spend their whole life together?”. A small rain started and made me feel even more stupid: alone in the park, early in the morning, without anyone to be here with me and ready to push away the relationship that was very dear believing that I do not have strength to overcome the obstacles.

The autumn wind made me wake up from my dreams.. I took a deep breath and took a look around. Suddenly I saw two people approaching me... As there was no one else in the park they caught my attention. As they were getting closer I heard them laughing...First, this laugh made me feel irritated as if they have broken my unity with this park and disturbed my thoughts. But all the sudden I noticed the age of these people – they were old. I could not clearly identify the age, but the woman looked as old as my grandmother. She had grey hair, blue eyes with a smile in them, and a smile on her face. She seemed so peaceful, she was in harmony with herself...Her sweater matched her eyes and made her look very fresh. And all the time she was looking at HIM...

-          Jim, I think we should change the park. It’s the same every Saturday. You know how much I love being around people. Why don’t you ever listen to me? Why do I have to say the same things every time? Isn’t it just easy to do what I ask you to?

-          Sus! Hug me..... – that was all he said.

He looked at her, smiled, gave her a hug at this very moment I stopped seeing an old man, but a strong man that knows his wife and how grouchy she can be and nevertheless he loves her!  I thought about those many things they have “survived” together, so many hardships that made them cry, about all the problems that they are experiencing right now and the probability of that fact that one of them will  outlive the other one. And the one that will outlive will think of this life together was the most beautiful and happy period of life.

They left...and I was sitting at my bench shocked and feeling some new special feelings in my heart.  This feeling was hope! This old couple with all the grouching and tons of mistakes behind their backs made me feel that at the end it is happiness that matter. Eventually, all people will get old and die, and what makes the difference is the person you have dedicated your life to. And I made a wish – to wake up one day, being old and to be proud of being together with the person I love, to feel proud of having had enough forces to overcome all the obstacles and fighting for the happiness. I looked at the sky again... the cloud seemed to have the shape of infinity. I thought that it was a sign. A sign that only such dedication can make life infinitely deep and pure. Finally, I knew what to do and I was so glad I went to that park early Saturday morning. We can survive in this world even if we are aliens as long that we have one more alien to share the life with.


Creating A Decent Narrative Essay About Love: Things To Remember

A narrative essay is an essay that tells about your own experience. Narrative essays are full of emotional and sensory details that are vital for understanding the described situation. What you need to do with the help of such a work is make your readers undergo all of the described situations, emotions, and feelings with you. Choose bright verbs, picturesque metaphors, and precise characteristics.

A narration essay should contain all crucial details of this genre: a plot, characters, development of the situation, climax, and ending. While writing a narrative essay about love, you need to choose a topic that makes you feel excited. The more interested you are in the process of writing, the more interesting the work will be for your readers. To compose a really powerful, winning paper that is dedicated to love, keep in mind several important principles:

  1. Make your readers feel involved. They will be much more interested in the story if they feel a part of it, rather than spectators of someone else’s event.
  2. Generalize your audience. Your story can catch the attention of some groups of readers more than others. These readers can be male or female, young or old, married or unmarried. If you have an idea of the key audience, you will address it better.
  3. Keep it detailed. Though the format of an essay does not allow much dialogue, you need to keep in mind that these details can be crucial for perception of the story.

There is another range of useful recommendations regarding narrative writing.

  • Such stories should be told by the author. Rarely, essays allow usage of pronouns like “I” or “we”. However, if you like, you can provide your story like it’s retold by another witness; there is nothing wrong with that.
  • When writing about love, you need to describe details that will provide sensory understanding.
  • When you need to give somebody negative criticism, make sure that it’s not based on your own feelings, but on obvious facts.
  • You should feel free to give your characters their own names, other names, or no names at all.
  • Don’t try to cheat because it will lead to only losing points. Avoid plagiarism because quotes from books about love that are used as a part of your own text without quotation marks and citations will cause you to lose a lot of points.
  • Start working over the narration only when you are full of inspiration.

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