Essays On Hamlet And Suicide

Essay on Suicide in Hamlet

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In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, suicide is an important and continuous theme throughout the play. Hamlet is the main character who contemplates the thought of suicide many different times throughout the play, since the murder of his father. Hamlet weighs the advantages of leaving his miserable life with the living, for possibly a better but unknown life with the dead. Hamlet seriously contemplates suicide, but decides against it, mainly because it is a mortal sin against God. Hamlet continues to say that most of humanity would commit suicide and escape the hardships of life, but do not because they are unsure of what awaits them in the after life. Hamlet throughout the play is continually tormented by his fathers death and his…show more content…

Hamlet continues on and almost complains on the state of the world, calling it stale, flat, and unprofitable, showing how truly miserable he is. Hamlet considers suicide as a possible option of escape from his life in a painful world, but feels as though religion is preventing him from doing so. Hamlet then provides us with the roots for his pain and the reason for his contemplation of suicide. Hamlet is is troubled by his mothers marriage to Claudius, but especially how quickly the two were married after his father's death. He continues to express his dislike and hatred for Claudius calling him a satyr, while praising his father and saying how excellent of a king his father was. In one of the final lines of the soliloquy Hamlet comments on how the marriage is a bad omen for Denmark, "It is not, nor it cannot come to good," (I. ii. 163). For the first time we are introduced to the idea of suicide which will continue to present itself as the play develops. When Hamlet is set up and spied on by Claudius and Polonius, he examines the moral aspect of suicide in a painful world. He opens his soliloquy with asking a simple question, "To be, or not to be:that is the question:" (III. i. 58), that is, whether to live or to die. He then begins to question whether it is nobler to suffer life and the, "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune," (III. i. 66), or to take ones life and end one's suffering. He compares death to sleep and at first thinks that

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Hamlet- Suicide Essay

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William Shakespeare's Hamlet- Signifying Death Regardless of a person's age or literary preference it is undeniable that William Shakespeare had a flair for composing dramatic tragedies. Tragedy, when evident is a powerful underlining theme which portrays the qualities of the human capacity. In one of Shakespeare's most brilliant plays, Hamlet, tragedy is portrayed through the protagonist's constant contemplation of suicide. Shakespeare often alludes to powerful images of death by using pathos and bereavement in life to be inconsequential. In the play, Hamlet, William Shakespeare produces a tragedy which illustrates the suggestion of suicide and the imagery of death as solutions to problems through Ophelia's demise, the minor…show more content…

After ending her relationship with Hamlet, and having her father killed by her previous lover, Ophelia's character begins to change. A flower can resemble Ophelia's character; for even the most beautiful flower can be deceiving, and this is first seen in her character as a calm, delicate, and a controlled young lady (1.3.45-51 & 136). Once her father passes away and Hamlet is out of reach her state of being becomes confused, ill, insane and bitter (4.5.46-64). Ophelia starts wearing flowers like rosemary which is to be worn in memory (4.5.173). It is evident by the course of events that Ophelia commits suicide and her demise results from her own actions.

Secondly, throughout Denmark inevitable justice is proficient with the minor characters that shape the reflection of death. One of the first minor characters that play a major role to reflect death is Horatio. Horatio is the definition of a true friend. He remains a complex character that is honest and loyal to his companion Hamlet (3.2.56-57). By the end of the play, Laertes stabs Hamlet with a poisonous sword (5.2.387-89). Dearly honoured by Hamlet, Horatio insists on drinking what is left from the poisonous cup which killed Gertrude (5.2.330-32). In act five, scene two Horatio declares to Hamlet that he will drink the poison; an act of committing suicide "indicating how deeply he is moved by Hamlet suffering" (5.2.331) Horatio states "Never believe it: I am more an

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