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COACH CARTER MEDIA ANALYSIS Coach Carter Leadership Analysis Effective leadership does not always require great technical or intellectual capacity but it requires attitudes and behaviors which relate to humanity. It is important to grasp that leadership is not about being served by others but it is the role and the opportunity to give; to serve an organization and other people. There are many great qualities that a leader will use in order to lead his team towards an ultimate goal. Through an analytical review of the Situational Leadership Theory and Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid, scenes from Coach Carter the movie, will be analyzed and compared to the leadership values of Coach Ken Carter. In the movie, Coach Carter shows a variety of skills and qualities that helped him become an effective leader to his basketball team. The movie evolves around Ken Carter, who accepted a job as the coach of the basketball team at his alma mater where he holds a ground breaking record, while playing basketball as a college student. He was saddled with the responsibility of reviving a failing team on a losing streak with a major issue of discipline amongst the players -who are teenagers engulfed in the act of youthful exuberance. The movie depicts the relationship that exists between a leader and their followers with the situation(s) that affects their relationships in a bid to attain their goals and aspirations. According to the Situational Leadership Theory, each situation where leadership is apparent, is structured an influenced by situational factors. Hersey and Blanchard’s (1969) Situation Leadership Theory best describes 4-different types of subordinates and, in turn the type of leadership necessary for each type to obtain optimal results; 1) Unable and Unwilling, 2) Unable and Willing, 3) Able and Unwilling 4) Able and Willing. The theory also states that after recognizing the types of subordinates the leader is working with in the situation, he must then 2

     “Coach Carter” is based on a true story and is one of my favorite films.

Samuel L. Jackson plays Coach Ken Carter, a real-life coach who teaches a high-school basketball team much more than just ball skills. He helps his players overcome their harsh environment filled with drugs and gangs so that they can reach for the future. Coach Carter also helps them focus on important things like their education in a high school where the teachers aren’t very cooperative.

When some members of the undefeated team don’t follow their contract and do poorly in school, Coach closes the gym, cancels practice and forfeits games, which outrages the parents and community. To end the “lock out” the teammates must improve their grades.

This film is packed with exciting basketball games and realistic conflicts. For example, one player’s girlfriend is dealing with her pregnancy while another player faces drug issues. “Coach Carter” is also filled with excitement, it’s a movie you can relate to and learn from. I’m very happy I saw this movie and hope everyone can enjoy it. .

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