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I'll talk about the silk air one then? Since the sia interview process is quite infamous already.

So for silkair, you enter a small room that has full wall mirrors on 3 walls. There are 2 groups of 10 chairs. One group is where you wait to be called to the front so they could check your certs and they'll ask you some questions eg. notice period. Then you sit in the other group. They'll wait till they get enough people in 1 group before moving into another room for the group interview.

Before the group interview, everyone will be called and asked to line up, to get your height measured and do the reach test. During the group interview, they just asked us to introduce ourselves and also tell why you want to be a cabin crew. For some, especially crew or ex-crew of other airlines, they'll ask more questions when it's your turn.

After that, we went outside the room and waited for the lucky ones who moved on the next round. Around 5 minutes to wait.

Then you proceed to yet another room for uniform fitting. Some people get to choose the uniform size, others the staff will choose for you. Then just do a normal walk back and forth and then they will check you for scars and any weird stuff - arms, legs, neck, back?

Then an interviewer will take you into a room for a 1-to-1 interview. This is like a normal interview I guess?

For some, the management round will be on the day itself, others on a different day.

During management, there will be 3 interviewers. You will all be seated with some space between applicants and interviewers. One by one, you'll be called to the front and asked various questions. And that is all. While it is another person's turn, it is common courtesy to give all your attention to them. I was sitting beside this rude boorish girl who couldn't read the situation. I don't know how she got through. She was yawning, fiddling with her purse, rolling her eyes etc.

At the end, one interviewer will speak and talk more about the company and you are also allowed to ask questions. I was told the take home pay was in the range of 2.5k to 3k. People I know say otherwise???

Within the next few days you'll receive an email about going for medicals and that is pretty routine. They checked your hearing, blood pressure, lumps in the breasts, spine etc.

And then you just wait for the magical day.

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