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INTRODUCTIONThis research work introduces the society to voice recognition technology and its usefulness. It serves as a research work for both students and researchers to ease related topic. As technology increases, speech recognition systems have added to the developmentof the society in the sense that it has increased communication in the society.

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Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

This is a paper about generating sequences with matlabA digital signal processor (DSP) is a specialized microprocessor (or a SIP block), with its architecture optimized for the operational needs of digital signal processing. The goal of DSPs is usually to measure, filter and/or compress continuous real-world analog signals.1.1 Generation of Discrete Time SequencesProject 1.1: Delayed Unit Sample SequenceA unit sample sequence is a sequence that has a value of one (1) at n=0, and a value of ze...

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Digitization of Television Broadcasting in Nigeria Review

ABSTRACTInformation and Communication Technology (ICT) has opened up new and robust ways of sending and receiving information at global level. Any type of information including voice and video is sent to the diverse publics, who equally have variety of choices. Thus, the development of any nation is tied to efficient information dissemination. In Nigeria, television broadcasting started in 1959 with the establishment of the Western Nigeria Television (WNTV) by the opposition leader, Chief Oba...

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A List Of Fresh Communication Technology Essay Topics

Communication technology essay topics can include a wide range of ideas. You may have learned new things so far in this field that could serve as a great topic idea. Because this industry affects a large number of people on a regular basis, you may want to consider topics that provide statistical data on changes being made and the future outlook of the industry. Since there are various broad topics you can write about for an essay, here are 10 ideas to consider that may inspire an original topic of your own.

  1. How had television changed the way the world is viewed? A technology essay can review ways people view things differently because of television.
  2. Has the internet become more reliable for news than television? More people use the internet on a regular basis and watch everything using it including television shows, news and weather.
  3. Has technology helped to censor more inappropriate content shared on TV or the internet? A technology essay can explore what needs to changed or improved in relation to censorship of content through media.
  4. Are automated voice systems helpful or hurtful to a company and their customer service relations? A communication technology essay can explore pros and cons of using automated voice systems.
  5. Are more people dependent on computers? In recent years a number of studies claim people may use them to do just about everything including grocery shopping.
  6. Should cellphones have the option to shop over the internet? An essay can discuss advantages and disadvantages of using cellphones to access the internet.
  7. Has social media encouraged positive or negative communications among people? More people may use social media to connect with others, but is more communication considered negative or positive for social media users?
  8. How has communication technology helped companies hire more people? What areas of technology have help companies grow at a faster pace? What are areas that may have a negative effect on hiring?
  9. The growth of telecommuting. A communication technology essay paper can explore ways the concept has helper more people be able to work from home or telecommute instead of having a traditional job.
  10. How technology plays a huge role in helping people obtain an education. How are more people able to obtain certifications and degrees much faster?

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