Prg 211 Week 3 Individual Assignment System

CMGT/445 Week 2

Includes Everything listed for Week 2!


Learning Team:Implementation Resource Planning Presentation

Option #1:   8 Slides with Speaker Notes! A+ work!

Option #2: 10 Slides with Speaker Notes!A+ work!

Option #3:   9 Slides with Speaker Notes! A+ work!

Option #4: 11 Slides with Speakers Notes! A+ work!

Based on the Brewton Business Scenario, outline the implementation resources identified by team members in their individual Week One assignments, prioritize the list, then create job descriptions and develop criteria to evaluate candidates.

Note: To access the Microsoft Project template unzip the linked file.
Learning Teams will provide a 3- to 4-slide PowerPoint presentation to be presented to senior management to gain approval to hire/purchase additional resources for the project. Include the following:
    • List implementation resources (people and hardware) identified by combining team

        member lists, removing duplicates, and determining which resources are most

    • Identify the human resources needed for the project. Assume you will need to hire

        people from the outside to fill these roles.
    • Specify the qualifications of human resources, and prepare "help wanted" ads to

        appear in job hunting websites. Each team member will provide two or three ads

        and suggestions of websites where the ads should be posted.
    • Develop criteria for evaluating applicants responding to the ads.
    • Developcriteria for assessing hardware resources to be purchased in support of the

        implementation project.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your PowerPoint presentation.

Individual:Implementation Strategies

Option #1: 1,356 words! A+ work!

Option #2: 1,477 words! A+ work!

Option #3: 1,211 words! A+ work!

Option #4: 1,180 words! A+ work!

Option #5:    842 words! A+ work!

Includes 2018 Microsoft Project file plus Everything listed for Week 2!

NOTE: Other Sections of paper available in other weekly tutorials. This tutorial contains the Implementation Strategies section only.
Using the paper started in Week One, add an additional 3 to 4 pages (1,050 to 1,400 words) describing your strategies for managing the project as follows:
    • Develop a project communication plan to describe how stakeholders and managers

        will be kept informed regarding project progress. This will include the form of

        communication (status reports, meetings, etc.), frequency, and specific project

        milestones that will aid in determining where the implementation stands.
    • Describe the various kinds of documentation that will be required to support the

        future system operation, including both user and technical documentation.
     • Describe the Change Control Process that will be employed on the project to

         properly manage any disruptions to the progress of the project.
    • Evaluate out-sourcing of implementation tasks, using consulting services versus

        performing them in-house, describing the costs, benefits, and challenges associated

        with each option.
Incorporate feedback from your previous assignments.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Update your project plan to include the tasks associated with this week's assignment.
Zip your assignment into one file.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your ZIP file of this week's assignments.


Supporting Activity: Internet - Worldwide Digital Divide

Watch the "Internet: Worldwide Digital Divide" video.
How can companies use technology to bridge the worldwide digital divide?


Supporting Activity: E-commerce

What are the different types of e-commerce? Should the Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998 be abolished? Justify your opinion.


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