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Citations are an important part of any writing assignment. Whether you're writing an essay, research paper or term paper, you will be using previously written material as a reference and that makes it necessary for you to add proper citations. It is important to remember that citations are not needed for direct quotes alone. Even if you are paraphrasing from a source, you need to credit it with proper citations or you could end up losing valuable marks. You might even be penalized for plagiarism. In order to avoid any undesirable circumstances, it is important that you add citations.

MLA Citation Style

One of the most popular formats used for citing academic papers is the MLA style. It establishes a proper format that needs to be followed in order to acknowledge sources that have been used for reference in a paper. All the references in the content of the essay, research paper, term paper, etc., appear on an alphabetical order. The list is given at the paper's end, on the Bibliography page.

In the MLA citation style, writer adds references to the sources in the paper to ensure that these can be easily identified and referred back to when needed. This enables readers to find the sources easily. The references should be kept as short and simple as possible. Here are some useful tips:

  • Provide only the information that is needed in order to identify the source. The author's last name and a page reference is usually sufficient.
  • Place the reference as close as possible to the source. The brackets in terms of the reference should come where one would naturally insert a pause (usually at the end of the sentence).
  • The information should be complete without being repetitive, both inside and outside the parenthesis. If the author's name has been included in the sentence, it does not have to be included again within the parenthesis.
  • The punctuation should come after the bracket with the information has been closed.
  • Online and electronic sources are cited just like newspaper, magazine or journal-type sources in the MLA style.

MLA Style List of Works Cited

Unlike the APA format where the citations are in-text, the MLA format requires citations to be included at the end of the paper, in the Bibliography section. With this list, readers can easily identify and retrieve each and every source that has been used in the writing of the essay, term paper or research paper.

  • Entries should be in alphabetical order. Author's last name should come first, followed by the page numbers. In cases where the author's name is not available, the title of the work should be included.
  • Capitalize the first word as well as all the important words of the title as well as subtitles.
  • Shorten the name of the publisher to make sure that it is understandable without being too long.
  • When more than one city or area has been listed for a publisher, use the first city or area's name.
  • When multiple authors and publishers are listed, include all with a semicolon (;) to separate names.
  • Don't use special character to replace word (using '&' instead of 'and').

If Confused, Buy an Essay

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How Can I Write a Good MLA Style Paper?

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