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Music is an essential part of human life. Life remains dull and boring without it. The mundane life needs a break from its routine and music comes to rescue. Apart from being a source of entertainment, it teaches many values and relieves stress. These values include: self discipline, one needs to learn and be self disciplined to practice, take instructions and criticism, and to perform whether solo or as a member of a group; dedication, musicians need to be dedicated in order to spend the necessary time to learn and perform music; teamwork, in multi-person performances, musicians have to work as a team for their performance to be appreciated and valued; knowledge, studying music demands that one also learn some level of music theory, history, and cultural sensitivity; continuous improvement, musicians almost universally seek to always improve their skills and their musical repertoire & self confidence.

At J.K.G. we have made sure that the latent talent of Young Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Prabhu Deva do not remain in seeds, they must bloom and spread their charm all around. For this we have the best trainers and latest musical instruments.

Our talented students have out shone in many Interschool events and also have been a part of Radio Shows.


J.K.G. International School was established on 26th January 2004. It is one of the pearls of the JKG necklace, consisting of J.K.G. Happy school at Bazaria, founded in 1972, J.K.G. Secondary School I , J.K.G. Senior Secondary School II , Vijay Nagar founded in 1976. Blessed with the able guidance and leadership of Founder Chairman, Mr. J.K. Gaur, the school has become a blossoming flower from a mere bud. It has been leading its motto ‘Darkness to Light’ to become one of its kind.

Mr. J.K. Gaur is a renowned educationist who has been awarded for his distinguished services in the field of education by Smt. Sheela Dixit, Chief Minister of Delhi, on 23rd of February 2002.

J.K.G. is an international School for its tie up with Edge Hill University, U.K., which is a centre of excellence in teaching and learning. We bank on parents’ fruitful partnership with us, to provide the best to the lovely flowers of their, so they become good human beings & responsible citizens.

The School has demonstrated tremendous growth, commitment to quality and a unique and fresh approach to education and has established in the District with cent percent results at Std.XII & Std. X examination for many consecutive years. School has also won the most prestigious ‘International School Award’ [ISA] from British Council for the year 2013-16.The school offers opportunities to students to showcase their talent through exhibitions, annual celebrations and house functions. Dance, Music (vocal as well as instrumental), Art & Sculpture are some of the engaging activities offered to the students, during their school years..

The School has always been conscious of a sense of community well being and spares no opportunity to inculcate in its students a sensitivity towards the less privileged. Through the activities of the Interact Club the students are sensitized towards various issues. Trips and Treks form another dimension through which the intangible learning is imbibed. The Management and the Principal of the school believe in leadership and provide the faculty with an enabling and empowering atmosphere so that they can create independently acting and thinking global individuals who have big dreams for their community, country and the world..

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